Noel went off to fight the politician’s war in 1990 whilst in the military and returned safely from Saudi Arabia in March 1991, for him that would prove to be a turning point in his life and an element of inspiration for the many years that followed; for writing his first book.

Upon leaving the military in 1998 as he approached his mid-forties, he longed to separate himself from the mainstream rat-race of employment and forge his own path. He soon established a business ethic and company of his own. An Environmental Consultancy, which has gifted him his own time management, and the opportunity to study other aspects of life like metaphysics and controversial subjects such as Near-Death Experiences.

Noel has now come to a major juncture in his life; within himself. As this book sees a release into this world, he sees it not only as personal success and accomplishment, but moreover a gift. Along with many hundreds of other inspired writers and lecturers; philosophers and masters, he now finds himself joining the collective in a bid to remind those whom have ears to listen and eyes to read that we must stop. We must clear our minds. We must connect with who we really are if there is to be any hope for our Spiritual survival.

Noel’s belief is that a new chapter in the awakening of humanity is the foundation for the beginning of change and that we may witness much more darkness before we finally see a brighter light. But individually, which transpires into a collective consciousness, we must take positive steps. As you will no doubt come to understand on reading his book, we have two very distinct choices. We can either live in fear, or live and act in accordance with love.

Noel’s task in life is to encourage readers to begin change for the better – starting with ourselves. The strength of humanity is not measured by its ability to win wars, but rather by its ability to prevent them.

All of Noel’s life experiences have brought him to this single moment and sharing these within his writing is one way he is able to reach out and help to make the world a better place because it starts with all of us.

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