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Religion & God

I feel it’s only fair to point out at this juncture that ‘should you be a devout practicing Christian’ and church goer of sorts, I wish not to insult your opinion or understanding of how you interpret your Faith. As I have stated in my writing before, I am not a fan of religion per se, but I am a fan of all religions as concepts and ideas that go to make our lives quintessentially diverse. I do strongly harbour some ideas about the bigger picture, and I also have an understanding of other peoples’ research on – the bigger picture. But I ask you politely to take one thing on board here. NOBODY and I mean, NOBODY, that walks and talks; drinks the water and breaths this air, can claim to fully and absolutely know the absolute TRUTH. Only once we travel home will we be reunited with that truth and have our eternal worldly maps of conscious knowledge handed back to us after class ends. It’s that simple.

So please do not find yourselves becoming heated or offended. My writings are the expression of ideas that yes, are or maybe contrary to yours, but I’m not selling anything here. I never do.

So then, let us begin.

If you ‘preach the Gospel’ or ‘The Love of Jesus’ to an audience and accidentally find yourself worth £760 Million dollars, that’s okay. Don’t panic. I can help you with this. Firstly, swap ‘preacher’ for ‘businessman.’ There. Wasn’t difficult now was it?

I steered well clear of this subject in my first book, and very much on purpose because from the outset, it wasn’t my intention to start a holy war on page 2. Folks who are also very spiritual combine their lifestyle with a devotion of various descriptions and this should be respected by all.

I merely stated that in my opinion, religion is all fine, just as long as it doesn’t infringe on others’ life choices and also, doesn’t promote division and segregation between the diversity of the cultural beauty of mankind. Or words to that effect.

I’m not ‘ant-religion.’ I respect all religions and cultural beliefs. I personally feel that it would be pretty boring if we were all exactly the same. All you have to do to get on with me, is respect the fact that I do not claim to practice religion – although, don’t be too surprised if I mention words you’re familiar with like ‘God’ and Jesus. They’re all good in my book!

So then, what is the definition of the word: Religion?

noun: religion - the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

synonyms: faith, belief, divinity, worship, creed, teaching, doctrine, theology; sect, cult, religious group, faith community, church, denomination, body, following, persuasion, affiliation

"the right to freedom of religion"

a particular system of faith and worship.

plural noun: religions or, "the world's great religions."

Or, a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.

According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world. The word religion is sometimes used interchangeably with "faith" or "belief system", but religion differs from private belief in that it has a public aspect. The largest percentage of any one single religion belongs to Christianity which began in the 1st Century AD. Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on the life, teachings, and miracles of Jesus (The Essene) of Nazareth, known by Christians as the Christ, or "Messiah", who is the focal point of the Christian faiths. It is the world's largest religion, with over 2.4 billion followers, or 33% of the global population, known as Christians.

Great Britain (for example) will identify today with quite a varied and interesting range of faiths, because we have this beautifully diverse multi-culturalism; Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and those whom term themselves as ‘Atheists,’ Choosing no religion.

I think the term ‘Atheist’ has in fact been slightly lost in it’s translation of late. Much like the term ‘Racist.’ Recently, someone stated that because I didn’t want to leave the EU, I was a racist? Which did amuse me slightly.

Horus was worshiped principally in two Egyptian cultural centres (Bekhdet in the north and Idfu in the south). Little remains at the northern location, but there is still a large and well preserved Ptolemaic temple at Idfu; most of our information about Horus comes from this southern temple. Horus was usually represented as a falcon. He was the great sky God and the Son of Isis and Osiris.ury BCE from the ancient Greek ἄθεος (atheos), meaning "without god(s)".

So, if I may, I’d like to rewind just a little, and go back to the definition that we looked at just now: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power.

If you don’t mind, I would like to put forward my ideas and opinions on some important aspects of religious teachings, which I have had drummed into me as a child up until my teenage years.

What baffles me is this: Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, what ever colour of skin, I think it’s fair to say that you will always envisage your ‘God’ to be a higher version of you. When I say this, I mean that you are inclined to think of ‘God’ as super-giant human. The All Mighty and Powerful man. Probably twenty feet high right? With a majestic beard and a deep-deep booming voice. But why a man? Why not a woman? The Divine Feminine being the creator, the ‘giver of life.’

This is perfectly natural because as humans, we want answers. We’re longing for the biggest grandest tantalizing succulent questions of all; to have their boxes ticked so we can finally move on. However, they’re not going to be answered, and many of them are sub-contracted to Science to predict and ponder. Like, the Big Bang Theory. Or, how old the Earth really is. Were we created as a species, or, did we evolve from apes? And if we evolved from apes? How come there are still apes?

Mankind (I prefer ‘Humanity as it isn’t gender specific!) longs to be Mothered. We feel we automatically and simply MUST fit into some sort of chain of command. There must be an Imperial ruling authority figure somewhere up there. I feel (personally) that based on this assessment, this is probably the reason as to why religion as a dynamic, has gripped humanity in the way in which it has. There’s a saying that I quite like which relates to this: “It’s easy to sell a Turkey at Christmas.” So, if humanity is longing for answers; longing for truths; desperate to know who made us and who is the grand-master? There’s a void; a jigsaw piece missing just ripe for the placing. So literally anytime any new religious ideas come along like, ‘Scientology’ (for instance,) and various people like it, (because they’ve grown tired of other ideas and are searching for new more exciting theories-coupled with a longing to ‘belong,’) then – boom! Say hello to a brand-new religion people. We’re right and by the way, all you other 4000 religions are totally wrong!

All this is all helped along by ‘celebrity endorsement’ of course. We trust the integrity of our film screen idols. What’s good for them? Is good for us, right kids.

Firstly, God isn’t someone. That bearded guy in the biggest seat in the centre with the shiniest golden eagles woven into the seats pillars made of the purest crystal. God is a word. Because essentially, we are God. We are the creators. Not the ‘we’ that sit here and drink coffee and type on computers, no. The we that are back home. Back at basecamp. The we that aren’t humans on detachment to Earth (other stage performances ARE available).

Why I’ll never find Jesus:

There is, within select religious circles, people who will forever state that once they’ve died (passed on), they will be seated ‘at the right hand of the Father.’ It’s almost as if these people are suggesting in some way, that if they’ve spent their whole lives completely devoted to their faith; glued to the alter and tabernacle – without a glance to the left or right outside of their religion; they will be promoted to a higher realm where the golden seats are positioned that Lord over and rule all kingdoms.

Well, I can see how this perception manifests. Knowing how religious repeated scriptures are monologued in congregations this view doesn’t really surprise me at all. But here’s the thing:

Firstly, God isn’t someone. That bearded guy in the biggest seat in the center with the shiniest golden eagles woven into the seats pillars made of the purest crystal. God is a word. Because essentially, we are God. We are the creators. Not the ‘we’ that sit here and drink coffee and type on computers, no. The we that are back home. Back at basecamp. The we that aren’t humans on detachment to Earth (other stage performances ARE available).

This is where religious leaders just burst into flames as their rage reaches fever pitch. My last statement will have them hunting my soul down and feeding it to the devil. (If there were such a thing that is.) And it’s simply this viewpoint, that religious ‘leaders’ cannot accept the truth that creates all of these problems to begin with. They are at odds with humanity on various different levels. Other religions. Science – sticking its ugly nose in every now and then, and truths. People who claim that generally, the whole concept of religion is for the control of the people. It’s a man-made fabricated lie; based on the visitation of a pure soul named Jesus of Nazareth. Also others before him too like Horus.

Was Horus really like Jesus in all the ways skeptics often describe him? These similarities are startling. For many Christians (especially young believers who encounter this objection while in college) similarities such as these cast doubt on the historicity of Jesus. It’s important, therefore, to examine the truth of these claims to see what the real mythologies tell us about characters such as Horus.

Horus was worshiped principally in two Egyptian cultural centers (Bekhdet in the north and Idfu in the south). Little remains at the northern location, but there is still a large and well preserved Ptolemaic temple at Idfu; most of our information about Horus comes from this southern temple. Horus was usually represented as a falcon. He was the great sky God and the Son of Isis and Osiris.

Spiritual Oncor?

How do we know that the Spirit of say, Jesus (The Son of God) hasn’t been back to earth since he was crucified? If you want to categorise a candidate, let’s have a look? How about:

· Mother Teresa

· The Dalai Lama

· Pope John Paul II

· Bob Marley

· Martin Luther King

· Billy Graham

· Dayananda Saraswati

· Deepak Chopra

· Paulo Coelho

· Thich Nhat Hanh

· Allen Watts

· Eckhart Tolle

· Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

· Janusz Korczak

· Ram Dass

You’ve more than likely heard of at least fifty percent of these names. There are some really worldly ones in there. If you approached any of these people and asked them if they were ‘the Spirit of Jesus returned’ they’d more than likely just throw their heads back in complete hysterics. A perfectly normal response given the complete enormity of the question.

But what if you were God. The Divine Essence? What’s stopping you throwing the odd ‘curve-ball’ and presenting the earth with someone ‘not so obvious?’ It didn’t quite end well the last time and has created more problems than the event was supposed to fix. To put it bluntly…. So, who’s to say that any of the listed people I’ve mentioned weren’t sent down to empower us but – from another angle; a different perspective?

I want you to google a man named: Janusz Korczak. He was the final name on that list that you’ve read. I’ve kept him until last because when I stumbled across him and his story, it actually brought me to my knees emotionally. In fact, I promised myself to write about him right here and now as I feel his story is so fitting of that which you compare (easily) with the actions of some like Jesus Christ, I would like to repeat my first question again with this man in mind.

Have we been visited before by the Spirit of Jesus Christ?

A man named Janusz Korczak

During World War II Janusz Korczak ran an orphanage for Jewish children. 192 children came to be in his care. He had dedicated pretty much his whole life to the welfare of orphaned children.

He was once quoted as saying: “Children have the right to be treated by adults with respect and dignity; as equals.”

During 1941 his orphanage was moved to another area and it soon came under close scrutiny from the German military. He was told that he didn’t have to move with them but he adamantly declined. He went with them.

He simply refused to leave the children behind.

Upon arriving in this new area, it was soon apparent that this ‘ghetto’ was short of work, food was sparse and for many, just a life of utter misery. But Janusz persisted. He fought and fought, constantly for financial resources to support his children and all their needs. Above all, he fought so that, despite the hopeless conditions, each child could maintain a semblance of their previous lives and be happy.

Various resistance groups repeatedly offered Janusz a way out of the ghetto, but he turned down their offer every time. Choosing to stay and care for the 192 children at his orphanage.

It was in 1942 that the mass extermination of the Jews began to take hold.

On August 5th 1942, German soldiers came to the orphanage to gather up the 192 children and take them to the infamous Treblinka extermination camp.

Janusz, determined to keep their spirits up and extinguish their fear, calmly told them to gather up their limited belongings. He then marched forward to the gate; holding the hand of one of his children, followed by the remaining 191, all dressed in their finest clothes.

When they almost reached their final destination, a German officer recognised Janusz and offered him a chance to save himself. He declined.

He stayed with his children, until the very end.

Janusz sacrificed his own life to bring comfort and love to his children. His kindness and complete humility shines today as a beacon of light amongst a documented history book of such enormous cruelty and darkness.

His final words:

“I exist not to be loved and admired, but to love and act. It is not the duty of those around me to love me. Rather, it is my duty to be concerned about the world; about mankind.”

So, I shall ask again. Is possible, that the Spirit of Jesus has come back to Earth?

I shall leave that there.

Losing your religion

If you have a half decent grip on the understanding of metaphysics and Spirit science (only based on our evidence from NDE encounters) then, you’ll know that when the Soul signs you up for another joy-ride (where ever that may be), you arrive here (Earth for example) through the womb of the Divine Feminine; your mother. Now then, just a few pointers to explain my previous heading (Why I’ll never find Jesus):

· When you’re born, that isn’t the real (whole you). It’s part of (the whole) you.

· Jesus came to earth no different from you or me.

· Yes, there is the question mark over the claim of the Virginity of Mother Mary. Personally, I don’t find the placement of life inside a womb without the part of the male intercourse that difficult to digest. Just look around and see what else was ‘Created.’

· Jesus does not sit on a big golden thrown on a cloud with his larger heavily bearded Dad.

· Jesus was a name, given to him. On earth. Just like you have had a National Insurance Number given to you. It isn’t the real you. Just an identity to relate to here on this planet.

· Jesus will not rock up to your side once you pass into Spirit and announce that he was Jesus whilst on Earth. Because Jesus was void of an ego as such and bragging rights don’t really exist back home in Spirit.

· The Queen of England isn’t the Queen back in Spirit. She is equal to you or I. Because the ‘Queen’ portrayal element of her earthly existence stays in that box six feet under the ground. Well, I suppose we should say “On top of that golden casket in the Cathedral.” Which is all fine considering. She was the Queen.

· Jesus DOES exist in Spirit. (But it’s more accurate to state – The Spirit DOES exist that was in Jesus). He is still very much alive and well as a whole entity. But he is no longer ‘Jesus.’ He handed that name in at earth hotel reception when he gave his body back to the earth.

· The Spirit of Jesus is eternal. It will more than likely incarnate again as a woman or, a man for another visit. But then, how do we know that, that hasn’t happened already?

· Many people who experience Near Death Experiences state with complete conviction that – “I touched the face of Jesus” or, “I sat with God.” In essence, this is not to be dismissed or ridiculed, but there is an explanation that can possibly explain what’s happened.

· To experience existing back in Spirit is the equivalence of submerging the self in warm soothing pure love with the feeling of complete and total serenity and ecstasy of the likes of which, it is completely impossible to experience whilst in the body. Now then, because some of your older family and friends have passed on and are in Spirit, once you join them, they will have shed their earthly selves and reunited with who they really are. Their whole selves. Part of the Source-THE radiant Essence. When confronted by an energy which takes on a form in which you’re more familiar with (so as to ensure you’re not freaked out or confused) often is the case where, their pure energy and overall being is so utterly beautiful and radiant, you (having only known life to be that of a body on Earth, will instantly assume that the being in your presence MUST simply be Jesus. Or even God. And you’d actually be correct in a way.

· The Spirit of the Soul who visited Earth as we have come to understand it) does reside and always will reside in the Spirit Realms. I say Realms, as there are many. This highly advanced and evolved Spirit still teaches and Loves in a similar way in which as incarnate man, he did so back here on Earth all those years ago.

· You need to understand that all possibilities are infinite. The Spirit of Jesus the Son of God (As referred to by Religion doctrine) has more than likely incarnated a few times since his execution by the hands of the Roman Empire. There have been many human beings with short brief and also long and fulfilled lives who have been great teachers on planet earth in my life time. For just one example, I draw on the life of a beautiful human being. You will know of her by the name “Mother Teresa.” Could she not in essence be another incarnation of the purest Divine Holy Spirit, as was Jesus the Essene? …. Without the grand entrance, the bright star, the end of life story that would befit a true martyr? Why not? She was one of thee most pure and loving, compassionate and empathic humans to grace us with her presence. What about Princess Diana? Bob Marley? The Dahlia Llama? All of these people had a message. If you look hard enough, there are many examples. But the Religious leaders of each religious sect would have you burnt at the stake as a heretic to even suggest that we have been graced with anyone else but that which each bible states. Our thinking has been given religious boundary; our freedom to think abridged and confronted with authoritarian writings that are to be obeyed.

In short – we make stuff up. We then go about marketing it, to be the answer to the grandest of pressing questions”. If there is a God? This is the one you should follow. Or be damned into hell if you don’t. Because God can be nasty like that. It depends on the mood he’s in.

Here’s my take on this. God is not a giant human. Whether a man or woman or both. God is a Force of the Ultimate Creative Universe. "The Ultimate Divine Unconditional Force of Love.”

We, are tiny fragments of that Unconditional Love incarnating as lower vibrational beings (we) called humans. We incarnate into ‘Conditional Love’ in so far as to say, where love is void, this leaves an open door for all emotions ‘other than that of love.’ Hatred cannot manifest if there is no void left by the loss of love, if that love was not there to begin with.

In Spirit (The Essence), only ‘Unconditional love’ exists. This is why you decide to incarnate – to ‘experience’ that which opposes love. To know fear is to understand Love.

Every human being is born a Divine Spark of the Ultimate Consciousness which is the Godhead. Tiny; innocent and beautiful, …the human baby then grows to embrace influences and it is these two specific influences which steer the incarnate human to either live a life bias towards love, or, bias towards fear (also moving on to breed other emotions like hatred, segregation, jealously, etc.).

I once heard during a lecture from a person whom questioned God during an extreme out of body Spiritually Transformative Experience. The answer to one question was thus:

Hatred isn’t bad or wrong. It is born of love. My love. All human beings are born in conditional love. They cannot be born ‘into unconditional love; as this is to be in the Divine Bliss of the Essence. With me. But where your fellow humans fall down (in your eyes,) this creates your perception which in turn, creates your reality. This however, is an illusion of sorts. I say this because eventually, all hatred and bigotry, anger and hatred will return to me within those whom have experienced life on earth as a human. All of their emotions which you would determine as evil (let’s say) are born initially of love. They have manifested due to the void left where the love has been replaced through choice; through ‘free will.’ This free will is part of your experience, and also mine as I experience that which you have chosen – through you. I am part of you; you, are a part of me. Everyone you see, are connected to you and also me.

We incarnate as human beings from the Divine Essence (Heaven) to live a life of experience here on earth. (Other incarnations are most likely optional.) We, therefor are all God. God is the air and the earth. The rocks and mountains. The birds and spiders. The dust in your attic and the dust of the stars. All human life – all plants and animals, Everything. There isn’t anything that isn’t God. Even where you see space – invisible gaps between things; this is energy waiting to manifest into being.

As the Bible correctly stated, God sent his Son incarnated as Man in his image. Jesus the Essene, of Nazareth, Son of Joseph and Mary, was born into this time-space as a male. He would have had some difficulty connecting with us and teaching us the importance of Loving one-an-other if he arrived as an Elephant don’t you think? Or say, a fish?

Some say in religious circles, that Jesus came to Earth to ‘Free us from Sin.’ I have a little issue personally with this theory. I’m well aware that I should probably be burnt at the stake for my opinion but, if this ‘IS’ the case, once I would argue that from the moment Jesus was crucified and the writings born of this to become the versions of the bible, it’s actually created more sin than there ever was prior to that moment. Can you imagine if there were no religion? The rivers of blood which would have been prevented. I’d guess maybe hundreds of billions of humans have been slaughtered over religious hatred and intolerance since the creation of the bible and all it’s 450 translations and continuous re-edits.

“Donate to the Lord -NOW! Donate what you have, in the name of Jesus – PayPal & All major MasterCard accepted.

America especially, and probably more so than countries like Britain, appear to have transformed main stream religion in ‘select areas’ into a personal business venture. (As per my opening paragraph). All heavily disguised as hysteria and worship for the love of Jesus. I think you know the ones I’m referring to. You’ll see a ‘Pastor’ or ‘Minister’ with a head mic, standing where (given the size of the crowd) U2 and Bono would normally be seen, throwing invisible torches of energy out into his congregations within these huge ‘super-churches’ the size of Wembley Stadium, where the crowds become hysterical and fall over believing that they’ve been cast to the floor by the power of the Holy Spirit with this ‘preacher’ shouting and cursing,

“Be damned! All of you…. sinners! Do not rise…. Do not rise until you are worthy to receive…. Can I get an A-Men!”

When these dramas are all acted out and televised, it’s at this point when hysteria has reached fever pitch that you’ll see the banners scroll across the bottom of your TV:

“Donate to the Lord -NOW! Donate what you have, in the name of Jesus – PayPal & All major Mastercard accepted.

I carried out some particularly industrial research on select members of the American Church and the first figure I got was a man who’s worth was approximately $760 Million Dollars. Oh, and by the way, the headline which came up when I used my search engine was “The eighth richest Pastors in America.”

Question: How is this allowed to happen? In 2018? How do these people NOT see this for what it is? Do they not add the dots together and see that this is basically a very lucrative form of business? Seriously? $760 MILLION DOLLARS? And it’s tax-free too?

But listen, don’t think for a second that this a religious battering. Don’t be fooled! There are so called “Spiritual Leadership Coaches” out there too, not just limited to America either, all making ‘good business!’

Indeed. It is. There’s no argument. But surely there’s a difference in preaching to the tune of $760 Million dollars pretending to cure the dying and, writing a book which preaches nothing. My books are a poke in the cognitive rib; reminders of what’s really going on and how you should wake up to various truths to the fact that they’re really just lies and deceitfulness.

If Amazon quarterly royalties reach £760 Million dollars, then I’ll shut up!

Here’s the thing though. Let’s get down and dirty here and admit to things that we don’t really want to.

This wealthy Pastor. Money aside, do you think he still loves Jesus? Honestly? Would he be devoted to his message if he weren’t rich do you think? Maybe he thinks all the money is laughable because he never had any intention of getting rich? What if he became rich accidentally? …. also, the media pray on this guy but, are they totally informed? What if he gives money to charities and donates to good causes?

Should we be angry at him? I’d say not. Despite not knowing the true facts and only steering toward what the media ‘tell us’, if we pretend that he’s just a clever business man with a couple of private jets and a big church, who should we be more concerned about? Him? Or, the millions of devout followers who are so blinded by his white teeth and seduced by his silky-smooth stage presence, that they combine this with their ferocious devoted faith which he’s whipped up, and willingly empty their bank accounts every Sunday to keep him in air miles?

My question to these Preachers and Pastors would be this:

“Money aside for a minute; that isn’t my problem. If you possess the power of the Holy Spirit? To heal the sick? As you claim to in your super churches. Why would you not perform these ‘miracles’ in hospitals? Surely, I would assume that this is what Jesus would do?

If I had $760 Million dollars and had those kinds of divine powers? I’d pay a visit or two to some children’s hospitals, wouldn’t you? But then, nobody’s paying to get in at the door. Where’s the profit? That won’t buy me my own private jet. (Yes, they do!)

Is religion big business? I shall let you decide.

So, here’s something that’s always eaten away at me. Once I began to find myself and I started asking questions, within this particular topic of religion was this:

‘Convincing an undeveloped mind that – they are broken and need to be fixed – that they are lost and need to be found – that they are unworthy of God’s Love and need to be saved – that they are sheep and need to be led – that they are born ‘sinners’ and need to repent is, in my opinion, child abuse.’

Children are born into this earthly realm beautiful, innocent and angelic. Perfection. As close to God as you will ever get. It is within certain elements and areas of so called ‘ministry’ and preaching that bully and enforce fear and guilt into children with the express intention of keeping them in the church’s grip of fear as they grow older. Only to pass this fear on to their children and so on. (This is my own opinion).

Mainstream (but not all) religion merely institutionalizes guilt.

Then there are these new internet sensations. The blogging and networking preachers who go on tours to recruit their sheep. One of which was single out through my research where he stated to his audience:

“God hates you. He hates all of you!” …and then went on to state that he has spoken with God and has these messages that none of us are considered worthy and ‘God has no time for us anymore.’

This is where I become a teeny bit angry. I have to say, I fail badly at being Spiritual quite often when I see this sort of utter rubbish and people actually pay money into these so-called preacher’s pockets to be insulted (apparently by God because he’s sometimes a bit edgy like that.)

So, here’s my argument on this. If I were at one of these seminars I’d ask this man a question.

“Sir, excuse me but I wish to ask you a question. You’re stating that ‘God hates us.’ …Well, I know of a man who lives a street away from where I do, and he objectively hates animals. This isn’t a dynamic that I can get my head around, but this is his choice. I saw him kicking and beating a dog about a year ago now and found it extremely tough to watch. I’d guess that the root of this cruel sick devotion to causing pain and discomfort to innocent loving animals in reality resides in an illness within his mind. As tough as it is for some to hear, we should pity him and not hate him. However, here’s the point I’d like to make. God created the whole Universe. Everything. I’d say that’s a damn neat magic trick, wouldn’t you? In my book, the Divine Source which is God, brought into being all. He loves all. Nothing goes unloved. But what you’re saying is, that God is less evolved than that sick man who beats dogs? …God who is the Divine Master Creator, is less evolved than a sick man who likes to beat animals? Well, I’m not buying it.” I think you should cease this unnecessary pointless fear mongering and slandering of the Divine Holy Spirit which (by the way) loves you, despite you claiming to be the voice of it and proclaiming its hatred for all mankind. This should stop. Right here, and right now. People have enough problems loving themselves and others without the likes of you carelessly preaching your deluded ideas on them. Preach about God’s eternal Love, not this. May God bless (and forgive) you.

‘Holy War’

I’m pretty sure that this phrase is an oxymoron of sorts. Holy War. Surely, if you consider yourself holy, you’re trying to live your life in accordance with your chosen deity? For example, Jesus, The Son of God, never once (I think) got his disciples in a huddle and orchestrated a mass throat slitting orgy, attacking and murdering a Roman brigade whilst they sleep in their beds at night? Or did I miss something in RE at school?

Jesus was a teacher of Love. If you worship Jesus the Essene, you live a Spiritual existence. Forgiveness of one’s enemies, turning the other cheek… loving thy brothers and sisters. Not casting judgement on those about you? …I’m sure killing your brothers and sisters because they hold different opinions isn’t up there on the top 40?

There have been thousands of ‘Holy Wars’ and religious genocides since the introduction of mass religion.

Today, those less educated often jump to their feet in support of the notion that Islamic terror (with the excuse that religion is at the forefront of it) is the worst evil to shroud this earth in darkness since the very dawn of time. Islam, attacking the Christians who’ve done nothing wrong. Ever.

It’s time me thinks to pop into the local library and have a read up on The Crusades.

There was a total of eight crusades in all. These ‘Crusades’ were a bout of religious wars between Muslims and Christians which primarily had one single purpose in securing control of holy sites considered sacred by both groups. Crusade warring expeditions occurred between the years 1096AD and 1291AD. The bloody, violent and often ruthless conflicts propelled the status of European Christians, making them major players in the fight for land in the Middle East.

So, is it any wonder people… is it actually any wonder why Islam isn’t particularly best buddies with Christianity? Why we had this radicalization of Islam in the name of religion and holy war or as they term it a ‘Jihad’ but this also has been lost in translation. The Arabic word "jihad" is often translated as "holy war," but in a purely linguistic sense, the word " jihad" means struggling or striving.

The Arabic word for war is: "Al-harb".

When Christians complain about the threat of Islam (as they perceive it) there’s a term they may want to look up. I think it goes something like, ‘What goes around – comes around’ as they say.

I used to work a great deal in Northern Ireland as a biocides engineer for a former company and on many occasion, I would enjoy couple of weeks staying at the hotel in Upper English Street in Armagh.

I knew perfectly well that know matter how good this ‘Good Friday’ agreement (payoff) was, you didn’t wantonly go around either stating your opinions about the troubles, or, tell anyone your religious standing and viewpoint. Especially not when you’re English! But there were various occasions when the subject would come up and I wasn’t so much asked, but moreover, ‘advised’ about which areas were Protestant and which were Catholic. I should be very careful here…. Not so worried there…. In the beginning, it amused me. Maybe I shouldn’t say ‘amused’ but I couldn’t help it. It just seemed so absolutely pathetic – this dissection of humanity to a forensic level in accordance with whom spent their every waking hour loyal to their ‘belief system.’ I mean come on, when you really think about it, it’s no different whatsoever to either supporting Manchester United or, Manchester City. That’s all. So why all the hatred; the murder; the division and segregation?

Religion. It’ll always bring out the very best in humanity. If truth be told, and this is merely my personal opinion mind; I think people who were out on the streets in the seventies in Armagh with their ‘Orange-Marching’ lost touch with the main core reason why it all began in the first place. They march for marching’s sake. Because ‘that’s what their Dads did, and their dad’s dads. I mean, these people marched not because of something that happened to them but celebrate a battle which took place hundreds of years ago between a Protestant and Catholic King.

These marches are carried out every year and all over Northern Ireland, headed by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, which was established in 1798. Its name is a tribute to the Dutch-born Protestant king William of Orange, who defeated the army of Catholic king James II in the Williamite–Jacobite War (1688–1691). Its members wear orange sashes and are referred to as Orangemen.

So, antagonising and baiting your religious opponents has become a custom and to me, it’s almost as if these people (now many of them in their sixties to eighties) have instilled this hatred into their children to carry on marching when they’re gone. But why? What for? What does this actually achieve?

Celebrations should be held for the rejoicing of the good, not for hatred and death.

The UK doesn’t march through the streets of Berlin every year with a band celebrating the entire defeat of the German military? Japan doesn’t march with a band every December 7th rubbing American noses up the wrong way? So why do the Irish celebrate a war which took place three hundred or so years ago? It just doesn’t really make sense to me. But hey, that’s religion I suppose.

The other day my wife and I were in discussion with some respected friends. The topic of conversation was ‘How we’re going to help feed the homeless’ with the royalties from my first book. This essentially was the general idea. I certainly hoped that it would do rather well, given the global appeal, the books underlying message and the current state of the world we live in. As I type, it is three days away from being placed in my hand. Something I’m quite excited about. So, we shall see if it does as well as we anticipate. If, however it ‘does’ sell well? Tina and I have decided to help where we can in trying to solve our local homeless problem. Also, food banks for those in need.

Well, I wasn’t really expecting to find out that one of our local churches in fact has an open door every Wednesday and runs a kind of industrial food-bank come-soup kitchen for all those in need. I was quite taken aback. There was I, thinking all churches were take and no give?

Turns out, I was wrong. It’s not necessarily a ‘religious’ thing though. I’m more inclined to suggest it’s a ‘people’ thing.



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