But what if.....


And if so what does it mean for your philosophical and spiritual development?

Modern Physics is telling us that, in the end, everything is information and that the information is very likely computational in nature.

What if the "Illusion" of reality that spiritual traditions have referred to for centuries is really a Simulation???

Back in the old days, Enlightened beings and Vedic masters may have very well known that REALITY IS A HIGHLY ADVANCED COMPUTER SIMULATION but the world that they lived in was unable to conceive such a thing.

Only now as we are entering into this phase of exponential technological growth, can we conceive the possibility that reality, in fact, may be a simulation. In addition, Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and a growing number of physicists believe the chances are high that we do live in a Simulation which is allowing the possibility to be more seriously considered by the general population.

So The Big Question... ...What does it mean if it is true?

At Higher Balance, we believe that reality is, in fact, a 'simulation' and that the ability of the modern human to conceive such a thing is the missing link to a wide-scale Enlightenment.

Think about it... Enlightenment is described by most every high spiritual school as the ability to GENUINELY realize that reality is an illusion and that there is greater knowledge and truth beyond what our 5 senses tell us. Up until now, our logical brain and senses have had such a strong pull on us (as a species) that we have been unable to fully come to terms with such a concept. This has kept Enlightenment out of reach for the majority of seekers. Don't get me wrong. The rare few have been able to break free but it has been exceedingly difficult.

By understanding that we are living in a simulation, the modern seeker finally has an approachable way able to overcome the fundamental limitation on attaining Enlightenment.

Because... just saying that you understand something does not mean that you "get it" in the deep and visceral way required to transcend your current perception of reality.

Credits: The Higher Balance Institution


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