ITs about TIME

I’m quite often left feeling a little surprised by the reactions of those who take the time to listen to my message regarding that very subject: ‘Time.’

You see, there isn’t any left.

You’ve been fooled. Hoodwinked. Had. Conned.

When people claim that ‘time is running out....’ they’re one step closer to the real truth.

Good afternoon and welcome to channel SSN.

Here is the news.

You were just born and you are about to die.

You - yes YOU, are an experience that starts at the Maternity Ward and is completed with the remnants of your humanity being presented to the DNA of Mother Nature from whence it came.

You are simply a Spirit that has (once again) (for the three hundredth thousandth time) chosen to come to Earth to ‘experience’ emotions and feelings based solely on the perceptions of that which you receive (and ultimately create!).

Everything you, as a human being currently know are simply ideas. They are not facts.

You cannot state that anything you currently understand is a ‘fact’ and this is because everything (with a capital E) is a very clever illusion. All conjoined and conjured up expressly for you; by you.

People say ‘Well, maybe tomorrow....’

But you don’t actually have a tomorrow.

You only have this one moment.

Tomorrow means: ‘I’m putting it off.’

So here’s my message:

I can recall 1990 with extreme clarity. As those of you who’ve taken the time (thank you!) to read my book will already know, it was quite a pivotal chapter in my book of life.

But it’s right there. In my mind. It was like it all happened yesterday.

So, I’m 50 now in human Gregorian scribes on the wall.

If 1990 was 28 years ago? Not yesterday? Then I’m going to awake from a slumber very very soon and be 78.

I know three groups of 78 year olds:

1: Those that are trapped in the prison hell we call a care home.

2: Those who we cried for at their passing.

3: Those that are at the opposite end of the spectrum of No.1 and skydiving because you know what? It could be any day now..

So don’t put it off. Don’t say you’ll do it ‘maybe some day’ or, another time. There is no other time. There isn’t even time. Only a cycle of birth and death that we insert into one eternity.

You are a cycle.

Like the leaves that grow vibrant green on the tree of the Chestnut (other trees ARE available) and fall once a golden yellow.

Don’t delay.

Live that dream.

Love unconditionally.

Pursue happiness and joy with a warrior like Spirit.

You are Divine.

You are Eternal.

You came here to add value to the Universal experiences don’t let yourself and everyone else down!

L.I.V.E now.

The acronym for ‘time’ by the way?





Love to you all 💕

Keep safe out there and remember.

You are awesome 😎


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