So tell me....

Someone recently interviewed me and began with the big-one.

"So, Noel... tell me, what inspired you to write this book?"

Ah. Problem. What now?

How do I go about answering 'what would normally be the quintessentially perfect question' ... when really, I don't know the answer. I say "Don't know the answer" simply because the truth of the matter is peeps, I never started out with any intention whatsoever of writing a book. Yes, I'd fantasised about it, sure. But it wasn't an all-consuming thought pattern.

It all began like this blog. I simply wrote down my thoughts. A few pages soon became a few more... and in time, I had to address the fact that 'my new blog' had multiple subject matter. It went left and then right. A bit up and then, back down. So, I split it all up into different headings. I think publishers like to call them 'chapters.'

But to get to the point, I want to draw on a piece of spirit-science which I never really got my teeth into within the book. I want to mention it because it answers the big question put to me about what inspired me to write the book. So, here's the answer:

When you set out to do something in life that becomes a goal, a focus, an ambition; if you are only going to be happy with the end product... and by this I mean 'only getting what you desire' is the only thing that will make you happy? Then you'll not truly find that happiness. You'll not wrap that chapter up in any form of personal contentment at your point of receipt.

If however, initially you just get on with enjoying the journey to the finished article; and then come up for air - don't be too surprised if all your hopes and dreams are waiting for you; sitting right there on a silver plate. Where you're almost shocked and stunned like it's a surprise! Because that's essentially how manifestation works. It's not about instantly getting what you want. It's about setting your sights on a target, and then putting that in your mind's eye back pocket and then enjoying the ride to that magical point.

And so when I came up for air one day, I found myself talking to two lovely ladies after a phone call about a pile of A4 sheets of paper currently gathering dust in my office, and they suggested I sent them over to their office. And the rest as they say.... is history. But of course, you do know there's no such thing as history right? Time is actually an illusion and all there is - and will ever be, is this single moment? ..... Oops! That's another blog!


Until then



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