The Empath- Warning!

I recently saw this image on Facebook and it struck a chord with me (again) about how Spirituality can become a hook for those who are 'looking for a good excuse to see an exit door'; a release from their troubles. Stress - and all manner of human emotional fight & flight responses.

The image attached below is more than likely placed with all the right intention. But here's where I take issue with this whole 'Empath' thing.

I personally (as you've probably gathered if you've read my first book) have never connected with the term and description of 'Empath' (Someone who's sensitive to the energy of their surroundings and feel the need to help others emotionally - to the point where they are totally 'drained').

This post and many of the responses implied that 'If it doesn't feel right? - Disregard and push it away!'

I have a stark warning to add to those who feel this is the best course of Spiritual action:

"You are a human being who's core program and operating system is primarily Spirit based. You don't have to label yourself as 'an empath,' to feel the emotions of your surrounding. Everyone is 'an empath.' We are all 'empathic.' It's whether we choose to allow this door to open.

Simply 'closing the door and shutting off' from anything and everything you do not find joyful and stimulating WILL NOT SERVE YOUR SOUL JUSTICE.

Cherry picking your best emotional experiences will eventually damage you.

You must confront and deal with all that it presented to your being in order to 'go through the process of experiencing' what you have chosen as a Spirit living in a material world.

Spiritual By-Pass is not healthy. So please know this:

If you're currently feeling a little lost; a touch blue or, under the weather, then this isn't a bad thing. It's far preferable to sweeping all of life's obstacles and emotional challenges under reality's carpet!

So I have a message for all my 'empath' friends. Sooner or later, what you're avoiding will come and find you. It will find you and corner you. You cannot escape. Much like a mild tooth ache; go and put yourself through the experience of having it mended now, and you'll save a whole deal of excruciating pain much further down the road...….

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