The key to ultimate freedom

It is difficult for some. I know this. I have personally had to dig extremely deep to find it within my soul to forgive someone before, but trust me on this, once you do - you begin to float above the ground on a wave of inner joy.

No matter what has happened to you, and for some it has probably been unimaginable, ....once it has passed and a new day dawn arrived - it's gone. It's over. That moment has no grip on you anymore. It's merely your memory of it, clutching and clawing at your consciousness. It's banging on the door of your life screaming "Let me in - I'm part of who you are!"


Tell it to 'bog-off!"

You are NOT DEFINED by your past experiences. You ARE in this present moment due to them, but remember this: Nobody learns and grows through experiencing the good times. You only rise up like a phoenix AFTER the flames. You are ONLY DEFINED BY WHO YOU WANT TO BE. NOT, who you've been. So even if deep down you don't truly believe they deserve your forgiveness.... forgive them anyway. Not for their benefit, but for the freedom from their toxic energy lingering like a bad smell within your head.


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