There has never been more of a need to get people back on track, transforming them into their ultimate true selves by applying the fundamental law of Spirit Science and nature.

We simply need to keep the vibration of this beautiful planet from slowing down. This book aims to champion that vision because humanity is depending on it.

If you've been searching for a book that enables a 'defragging' of your thinking and becomes the 'alarm clock' to the reawakening of the true self, then this is that book you've been searching for.

Trust Your Spiritual Satnav forensically inspects the relationship with the 'self' and if allowed; how we are reshaped by the tsunami of influences that start to change our perceptions about who we really are.

As Noel will tell you; thoughts are energy. What you think, you ultimately become.

Trust Your Spiritual Sat Nav

  • Noel Hogan inspires a new generation in the midst of a world consumed by social media; materialism and negative thinking, to re-evaluate the day to day thought process and harness the power of the 'true self.'


    Through a series of inspirational stories and chapters, Noel raises the importance of keeping the vibration of this beautiful planet from slowing down; championing a reawakening that humanity is depending on.


    Using the fundamental basic laws of Spirit Science and Nature, Noel offers his readers the tools they need to meaningfully impact their lives and their world around them.


    Trust your Spiritual Satnav is  a journey to find the true you, and shows how each of us can unearth the power within in order to make a real difference.


    If you've been searching for a book that enables a 'defragging' of your thought process, and one which becomes the 'alarm clock' to to the reawakening of your true self, then look no further. This is that book.

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